Our Oysters

Our oysters grow in the pristine waters of the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.  Our oysters benefit from a supply of clean Atlantic water from the Celtic Sea brought by the powerful twice daily tides and the fresh waters of the twin rivers of the Daugleddau Estuary which bring nutrients and minerals from their source in the Preseli Mountains.


Angle Rocks

(Crassostrea edulis)


Angle Natives

(Ostrea edulis)

Our Rock oysters are fast growing and flavourful.  We source our seed from a specialist hatchery on Guernsey where they produce the best quality seed.

Our oysters can be eaten all-year-round so there is no need to wait until there is an "R" in the month.

Angle Rocks are characterised by a deceptively light flavour to begin with, our oysters have a double hit of umami and fresh green sea iodine to finish.

We plan to be in production for the market by late 2020 - please be patient, we're working hard to bring them to you!

The slow growing Naive oysters (the species Ostrea edulis) were once the mainstay of our historic local oyster fishery in the Daugleddau Estuary.  We are working to bring back stocks with fishermen and conservationists.

By growing native oysters we contribute to restoring wild stocks by supplying oysters for restocking and hosting researchers.

The oysters do their bit by spawning each summer they are on the farm. Each oyster can produce 1.5 million larvae which equates to 150 billion larvae released from the farm every summer.

If you need native oysters for your restoration, research or restaurant get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

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